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Pressotherapy for the treatment of lymphoedema was proposed during the 50’s. It consists in a physical action that works on  venous and lymph circulation making it more efficient and improving the most frequent blemishes: cellulite, liquid retention, ectasia, etc. The pressure is not pushed on every part of the body covered by the boots at the same time, but following the centripetal movement of the venous blood and the lymph.
DIVAMED PRESSOTHERAPY created by Eurtronik stand out from the market as a result of the union of science and technology, thanks to the medical and scientific background of the 50 developed programs, available in 10 languages.

Pressotherapy Indications:

  • Lymphodraining;
  • Improve the skill tone;
  • Cellulite to different steps;
  • Reactivation of metabolism:
  • Improve of the venous-lymphatic circulation;
  • Syndrome of tired legs;
  • Accumulation of localized fats;
  • Oedemas localized and diffused;
  • Inguinal Lymphadenectomy;
  • Post-traumatic therapy;
  • Post mastectomy therapy;
  • Varicose Veins treatment.



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