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On next June 6th and 7th Eurtronik partecipated and won the 7th Best Practices Award for Innovation organized by Confindustria of Salerno with the aim of promoting the use of innovative processes to the market, public and private, with the mode of storytelling.
The initiative was founded in 2006 in Salerno's Confindustria and is intended to tell the real cases of innovation and illustrate the results for the beneficiaries to the dissemination of the same to the widest possible audience and stimulating knowledge between companies.

Eurtronik, included in the selection of invited companies, presented its project of enterprise innovation in recent years, from which is extracted the project Xtravision: X-Rays Digital Advanced Imaging System.

During the final evening of June 7, in the splendid setting of the Gulf of Salerno, Eurtronik received the first prize, represented from the Opera of the famous Vietri ceramic potter Autuori with the following motivation:

The project combines technological skills, information technology and business that determine the objective qualities of a product with great potential for development.

Improving the quality of life, technological upgrade of the absolute level, international market potential, competitive price position and the possibility of integration in industrial sectors alternatives to the base, position Xtravision as a successful product on the market and as Best Practices 2013.


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