I3SME project- eurtronik the only italian hidden champion among european smes

The 21th of March 2011 Eurtronik, the only Italian firm, attended as a successful protagonist the final ceremony  of ISME Project (Introducing Innovation Inside Small and Medium Enterprises) set in the Haus von Industrie of Vienna and supported by the European Regional Development Fund.  The Project’s principal aim was to highlight the so-called ”Hidden Champions” of the European SMEs. Eurtronik deservedly obtained honorable position among four most innovating enterprises from a ground sample of almost 1000 european firms coming from Germany, Austria, Hungary and other eastern Europe countries: as a result, Eurtronik confirmed the quality of its R&D activity and its human capital.
During the convention Mr. Ranieri, Eurtronik’s CEO, focused his detailed speech on Eurtronik ambitious and present development and changement corporate strategy, which is now managing to turn Eurtronik from an enterprise in the service of great brands into a little demand driver, autonomous and absolutely Italian: doing this, Eurtronik will point its research towards  international markets with wider economical recovery, on the strength of its trademarks and its products. In concrete terms, this strategy is the response facing this crisis and the upcoming recovery, where in opposition to a huge reduction of demand in the Advanced Tertiary Sector we reply by offering our products  to the international market to save, increase indeed, the sales and promoting new employment to overcome the present and general business conditions.  This message has been so widely appreciated by the whole standing audience that visiting requests from political organizations have been received to deeply analyze such strategic plan.  The strong will to work directly in the medical, healthcare and third age services sectors with a proper commercial branch and trademark reflect the real innovation of the moment: from an active advanced tertiary structure to a bright driver in a challenging future – a new globalized and post-crisis winning economy is also made by facts like this. 
ISME project has been coordinated and supervised by the different business associations of each country and by the respective local authorities: in Italy CNA (National Association of Craftsmen) and the Provinces of Bologna and Trento.
Such acknowledgement represents a further guarantee of the reliability of an enterprise which for many years has been turning innovation and quality research into a key element of its mission, without any compromise.


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