In the year 2010 Eurtronik Studioerre surl installed on its building a photovoltaic system of the latest generation.

The system has got 300 solar panel on the roof, like an espositive surface of 600 mq. In terms of energetic level, the plant can supply a maximum power of 70KWp (Kilowatt-Peak).
The system allows to neutralize 50 tons of CO2 in a year, equal to an environmental compensation of 50 km² of green area, that means two times the extension of the area of Castel Maggiore, where the company is based.

On the ecologic project, drawn up according to the system’s life (30 years), it has been calculated a decrease of emitted CO2 of 1260 tons. From the environmental point of view, Eutronik’s goal is to become a “carbon neutral” company, other initiatives which are currently taking place are:

- paper saving thanks to the optimal use of informatics supports;

- totally caulked building with 10cm insulating coat on each side with glass windows with glasses of 8+8mm, to reduce the thermal loss to the minimum.

This already considerable commitment for putting Eurtronik in the low environmental impact category, should be coupled with the strong will to enter in the sector of the renewable energy as supplier of systems and components for the photovoltaic, the Aeolian and the micro-CHP.

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