Eurtronik Studioerre surl was founded in 1980th from the enterprise of his actual owner, Mr. Luciano Ranieri, and since that beginning it has differed from a classical company. As a matter of fact it offers to the market its services of partnership and technological supply. The core of this company is made by completing staff department able to create turnkey electronical devices, but also able to offer a full services-packet from electronical and mechanical planning to test on laboratory, also for other ordering farm, and moreover to produce and omologate new devices.

Department are:
- Ideation and feasibility area for innovation
- HW and SW Laboratory, research and development area
- CAE-CAD-CAM area for electronical and mechanical design
- Laboratory and EMI/EMC testing, LV and Electrsmog, CE certification, tools gauging
- Production and assembling area, with Surface Mounth Technology (SMT) and Through Hole Technology (THT)
- Inspection and quality control area
- Electronic testing with ATE system, Burn-in test and Conformal coating
- Microprocessors and Flash memories programming area, using of dry ID marking laser system

The Eurtronik studioerre surl was firstly a CEM (Contract Electronic Manufacturing) , then it becamed an EMS (Electronic Manifacturer Services) and nowadays it is an ODM (Original Design Manufacturing).
It means that it has changed his texture following the market’s variation, patterning its structure in base of the market demands. It has been always helped by updating scientific and technological knowledge, necessary to survive into a competitive market of electronics, and, moreover, nowadays that skills have become its strenght.
Since 1990 the company has been attested with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certification in order to increase its customers’ satistaction through an integrated quality managment system that could efficiently guarantee the goal of direct improvement.
Actually this company is made by the holder, mr Luciano Ranieri, as a main partner, and his staff of 15 people, between employeers and managers.

Company Mission
In replay to the market needs, its mission is pointed into using at the most its scientific knowledge, updating day by day the technical approach, in order to create in short time new products and to revisit strenghted devices; it is also oriented to gain performances and security, to make electronical devices more and more easy, decreasing at the same time dimensions and prices.

Company Vision
Eurtronik Studioerre surl wants to challenge its confidence and keeps down to earth, but at the same time it always looks for having a new experience of fresh daily use-objects thinked for a better life. This company works to develop electronical applictions’ field toward parts of international market sensitive for the italian taste of beauty.

Company Philosophy

- The balance and the method are our basis.
- Customers and society satisfaction are our first goal.
- Our organization is effective only if it everybody are on the same level and they follow the same direction.
- Everybody are involved in our company, in rights and duties as well.
- A constant increasment of our performances and services is our driving force


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